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Dreams built on rocks...

Terezinha Guilhermina: World’s fastest blind female athlete

I just read this article and could not help but cry a little... what a great story! And then I read it to my kids, and cried some more... and I read it again while writing this blog, and cried yet even more... what is it about us grownups who cry when we read rag-to-riches stories or watch happy-ending movies? Well, you got me there, I can't stop myself.

Terezinha's story is so inspiring, I can't stop thinking about it. Not only she grew up with a major physical handicap, but her family was so poor she hardly had enough to eat... It is all about rocks, rocks thrown at you, rocks all over your path, it is all about what you make out of them.

My story is totally not inspiring. But I can't help remember all the rocks that were thrown at me, or left in my path when I was working on starting Sorrento Technologies... an ex-colleague gave me 10 reasons (more like 10 rocks) why LED Gas Price Signs were not the way of tomorrow, that I would never be able to create a competitive product, etc. And also why having a steady job was far better than starting my own company... I want to thank him today as all these rocks he threw at me are now buried deep and an integral part of SorrentoTech's foundation.

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