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Mirage Gas Co. is latest gas station to see the benefits of switching to LED Gas Price Displays from

LED Gas Price Signs from Sorrento Tech

Sorrento Technologies is proud to announce that Mirage Gas Co. has joined the Sorrento Tech family. Located in beautiful Borrego Springs, California, Mirage Gas Co. is the newest gas station to update their old, boring plastic digits, to new state of the art LED displays, designed by Sorrento Tech.

More and more gas station owners are coming to the realization that the future of their industry is changing, and LED Gas Price Changers are the forefront of this change.

Not only do LED signs look great and attract customers, LED signage will also save you money, and keep gas station employees in front of their customers, not in front of the signage.

Changing the price of gas used to be a long, tedious, and potentially dangerous undertaking. Gas station attendants no longer have to brave bad weather, climb old ladders, or have to worry about sharp plastic numbers falling onto their head. Instead, they can press and few buttons and instantly change the price. Now gas station owners can start selling the gas at the new price, while their neighbor is spending the next 30 minutes changing out their prices. The savings alone of switching to LED Gas Price Signs, over the course of the LED's life span, is well over $ 12,000*, more than enough to pay for most retrofits.

Isn't it well time you switched to LED displays?

*Based on 30 minutes a day, 365 days a year of changing signs manually for 10.5 years (the typical life of an LED).

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