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Sorrento Technologies at the NACS Show in Chicago was a great success!

Sorrento Tech LED Signs at the NACS show 2017

First off we would like to thank everyone who had a chance to visit our booth at NACS 2017 in the Windy City! Sorrento Tech had a great time and made a lot of great friends and contacts.

This was the second year in attendance. The first year we were lucky enough to be in the "New Exhibitor Section", this year we were thrown into the shark tank and had to put on our big people pants.

Thinnest LED panel in the industry -- 0.50 inch

During the show we were excited to demonstrate our new sign technology. Convenient store owners were amazed at how thin, beautiful, and simple our signs were. They were even more impressed that our signs required no "master" control boxes and only required one wire to power the signs.

Sorrento Tech made waves both nationally an internationally. You will definitely be seeing more of Sorrento Tech's LED electronic displays in the near future, and you will most definitely be seeing Sorrento Tech at the NACS show in Las Vegas in 2018.

We hope to see you there!

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